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Management Team

Our management team primarily consists of Rajiv Akhaury the founder and investor of USR Systems and Balaji V Thesma Chief Technology Officer of USR Systems. We also have an Advisory Board comprising of individuals of eminence.

Rajiv AkhauryFounder and Investor

rajiv akhaury

Rajiv has close to 35 years of industry experience in various management roles in IT and Telecom fields. A self-driven individual starting his career in India and moving to USA in his early years, Rajiv has had the vision of creating a technology company that has a forward looking attitude. His interests are deeply rooted in the areas of Mobility, IOT, AI and automation, and Analytics. After forming a desirable team in Dec 2015, Rajiv is now interested in making USR Systems a company that can define new technology frontiers. His investments in Gainesville, FL development center are focused on innovation, local employment, and making the town that is home to University of Florida into ‘The Technology Hub’ on east coast of USA.

Rajiv holds an Engineering degree from Harcourt Butler Technical Institute, Kanpur India.

Balaji V ThesmaChief Technology Officer

balaji v thesma

Balaji has over 20+ years of experience in IT industry. Prior to joining USR Systems as CTO, Balaji was CEO of a small business IT services company that focuses on independent testing specializing on mobility and games testing. Starting his career as a team member in one of India’s largest IT services company, Balaji has always been very focused on technology, its evolution and working to create forward looking technology solutions. With Process Automation as the key area of interest, he was the prime author of Y2K tools during the Y2K times that analyzed and made Y2K compliant, several thousands of lines of code automatically. With code generation and testing toeing the lines of automation, he moved into helping customers build automation solutions for testing applications, in a career that spans across the large, medium and small sized IT services companies.

Balaji is now focusing on building mobile applications and test automation services for the customers of USR Systems. He also envisions moving USR Systems into building service lines in the areas of AI & ML, IOT and Cyber security.

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