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More than anything else, testing is a philosophy. We always know what to test and how to test. However, how much to test is always a variable. It depends on the individual and his or her perception of how much testing is enough testing. One could go on testing for days or months together and still not get satisfied with it. On the other extreme, there can be situations of insufficient testing that results in a defect being exposed to the end user. Neither of these, are desirable to us. At USR, we have developed a doctrine to address situations such as the above, and a lot more.

Several years of following such doctrines like a religion, has resulted in a team that professes it during any situation. Once could call it wisdom, we'd call it our religion. As a customer of USR's testing services, you could go to sleep peacefully. Your product will never have to be recalled due to glaring defects.

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